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And for the most part, 3D Touch isn't essential yet. Until it starts to be incorporated into more apps -- and in a more useful fashion -- I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people forget that it even exists.

I like using 3D Touch to preview links, or to pop-up related apps. When I hold an app and see a menu of extra options under my thumb, it feels almost like a computer, not a phone the latest MacBooks , which utilize a similar but less sensor-studded trackpad technology Apple calls Force Touch, have pop-up previews in Safari, too. Apple's building a common language, and evolving what your phone-sized computer can do. Pop-out previews are a really clever idea; links within Safari preview Web pages without any actual clicks. The ability to pull up menus in the iPhone almost feels like right-clicking on a computer and getting a contextual menu.

It's helpful, and surprisingly utilitarian. But you don't need to use it, you can always do things the same old way as always, with regular touch controls. You can even turn 3D Touch off. And, those menus that pop up don't offer all the options I'd want. They're not all that customizable, either: what 3D Touch does, or doesn't, do is mostly up to app developers. A good handful of apps have emerged to take advantage of 3D Touch, but it's going to take a while before it feels widespread.

Maybe that's why 3D Touch doesn't feel essential yet in iOS. But the apps that are emerging to take advantage of it are slowly coming, and those could get really interesting.

Imagine pressure-sensitive music apps. Art apps. Remotes -- controlling a drone with 3D Touch toggles to gently control directions, for instance. You could press down to change brush strokes when painting the new Notes app already allows this. You could press down harder on virtual piano keys Smule's Magic Piano app added this function already. Racing games can get analog gas pedals AG Racer added this, and it's one of the best demonstrations of 3D Touch.

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I could see it working as a virtual dimmer for smart home remotes. I want more. I've started 3D touching every icon, every menu; I want 3D Touch in all my apps, everywhere. It's weird when it isn't. I want smarter 3D Touch menus, smarter extra features. It's legitimately better to have it than not have it, but I don't expect its killer apps to emerge for at least a couple of months.

And iOS could use splashier ways of taking advantage of it, too, like that animated lock screen. What if I could push through folders, or push-to-magnify, dipping in and out of views? It's not a really matter of whether 3D Touch is worth upgrading to now. You'll upgrade to it sooner or later. Your phone will eventually have it. Do you want it later, or now? Down the road this is going to enable major, major changes in how iPhones and iOS work.

Right now, it's a subtle thing. Most of my friends and family didn't necessarily care about the iPhone's new features. My wife is long overdue for an upgrade from the iPhone 4S, but she didn't care about 3D Touch.


Find Great Deals on apple iphone 6 plus 64gb | Compare Prices & Shop Online | PriceCheck

Or Live Photos, for that matter. She's considering buying an iPhone 6. My brother-in-law just wanted Live Photos to help him go back and pick better photos, like Burst Mode. My mom already has an iPhone 6, and other than needing more storage for her photos she didn't see anything new she needed, either.

My kids thought Live Photos were cool, but didn't recognize the difference between those and videos down the road, I think that'll be true for most people, and that's probably the point. If I were to buy a new phone now and didn't get an iPhone 6, I'd buy this, easily. In 64GB or GB -- never a 16GB those smaller sizes barely hold enough photos and videos to get by if you're the type of person who doesn't delete.

If I had an iPhone 6, I'd wait until next year I think Apple, and the whole phone industry, are trying to change the "Should I upgrade? They're trying to make it an "every year" thing, not an "every two years" or "Should I buy something new? You can trade in your old ride and seamlessly move to a new one. The 6S fits that model well; it's enhanced and improved. Is it shockingly new or a vault forward?

That software, from iOS itself and apps, will come, but maybe not right away. Right now, just a week in, it's still baby steps. As we said, 3D Touch isn't the only thing that's new on the iPhone 6S.

Used as Demo Apple Iphone 6S Plus 64Gb Rose Gold (FREE SHIPPING)

Here are more in-depth looks at the camera improvements, and the speedier internal processor and fingerprint sensor. Also, a look at how Apple's smaller 4. And finally, thanks to the major changes in how phones are sold in the US, at least , we look at how the buying -- or leasing -- calculations change the purchase decision on these new iPhones, too. New cameras, longer battery life, Night Mode, a goofy selfie feature and a price drop How the refined, feature-packed Note 10 Plus closes the gap with rival phones. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. See It. CNET may get a commission from these offers. Compare These Apple iPhone Design 9. Features 9. Performance 9. Camera 9. Battery 7. Oct Review Sections Review Prices Specs. Enlarge Image. Continue to next page 01 Best Phones for The Huawei P30 Pro's photo skills rule the phone world. This value-buy powerhouse does a lot right and very little wrong. More Best Products. Just like the last generation, the iPhone 6S has a 4.

However, the iPhone 6S Plus is actually pretty big even for a phone of its screen size. Some of you may find its That said, whenever we end up thinking a phone is too big we usually just sink into how it rolls after a few days. The iPhone 6 Plus became a bit infamous because of the whole bendgate scandal, the claim it had a tendency to bend just from the pressures of your pocket. Apple has addressed this by upgrading the body from some form of unnamed bog standard aluminium alloy to series aluminium, a formulation used in all manner of high-end aluminium constructions including the Apple Watch Sport.

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The other big thing to consider is, of course, the screen itself. Living with a 4. The larger screen is much better for watching video, for playing games and even for browsing. There are some pretty great pay-offs for that extra aluminium bulk in your pocket. The question is: how much digital stuff do you consume on your phone? Size is the main difference here, as both screens otherwise offer excellent image quality. Colour, contrast and sharpness are all great, able to go head-to-head with Android phones that have a clear spec benefit.

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Related: iPhone 6S vs 5S. You can preview emails and website links, jump straight to key functions from app icons, and more. In terms of performance, the two phones are almost identical. Perhaps the most significant improvement in performance for both phones, however, is the doubling up of the RAM allotment to 2GB. You might have noticed that we said performance was almost the same.

  1. Used as Demo Apple Iphone 6S Plus 64Gb Rose Gold (FREE SHIPPING).
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Well spotted. Fewer pixels to push means less CPU and GPU grunt required, but the difference is negligible bordering on non-existent in day to day usage. Again, the camera technology used in both of these phones is very similar indeed. Both have been bumped up from 8-megapixel to megapixel, which means that images are even more detail-packed. Apple has also reduced colour leak between pixels, resulting in cleaner images. The one point of difference here is OIS, which stands for optical image stabilisation. Related: iPad Pro — 6 features that will make you want one. In terms of general, well-lit photos, the difference made by this component is negligible.